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“Can an 18-36 Year Old Guy Really Turn His Slabs of Flab, Into Pounds of Ab?”

Yes! You can blast away your stomach fat and unleash your ultimate 6 pack abs (by the way, there’s a huge surprise at the bottom of this page, so keep reading to find it out…)

6 Pack Abs Fanatic

An Article by Anthony Mack – Get Your 6 Pack

Dear Fellow 18-36 Year Old 6 Pack Abs Seeking Guy,

Can you face up to these humiliating issues?

  • You’re so overweight that your self esteem has plummeted so low your girlfriend is reluctant to hang around you
  • You’re embarrassed at how you look in the mirror but you feel like you’re trapped inside a body you detest
  • You’re tired of feeling fat and looking like a slob when you hang out with your friends
  • You’re fed up with OTHER PEOPLE (who aren’t in shape themselves) preaching to you that you need to lose weight
  • You suck it in, fake it, knowing she hates a gut, and now you’re sick of your pathetic excuses to get in shape already
  • You’ve neglected yourself and now you’ve crippled your sex life
  • You try to pick up chicks, mortified with rejection after rejection, knowing that without a 6 pack abs set, your flabby chest is not going to do the trick
  • You want people to shut up and and quit nagging you to change (even if they are being hypocrites)
  • You’d like to stop screwing around with fad diets, and get some real ammunition to battle your nasty fat trap, and get your body back
  • You’d like to stop panting like dog and looking like a fool when you play sports or do physical activities (you can’t hide this from a woman)
  • You’d like to hang out on the beach with your friends and be the one who’s jacked and cut with a rock hard set of steel abs
  • You’d like to light your woman’s fire and super charge your sex life with a chiseled chest that she can’t resist
  • You’d like to step out of the shower and look into mirror and see  a carved muscular chest that you can show off — fierce, strong, confident

How Would You Like 6 Pack Abs Tight Enough To Bounce A Marble Off Of!?

So you’ve come here to gain your sense of self back. Having a set of 6 pack abs is like having a badge of “hotness”.  Here’s why…

Women Rate Abdominals the Sexiest Part on A Guy!

A recent survey found that women find abs, more than any other body area, is the most attractive part of a guy!

That means, if you just focus on your abs (and don’t get overwhelmed with all the other body part exercises) you’re going to make the fastest and most effective progress. That means you will look sexier, healthier, and have a better relationship (or chick pick up abilities) the fastest possible way.

It’s Not You’re Fault Your 6 Pack Abs Are Buried Under Layers Of Fat — But Now There’s Hope!

Look, until now, you’ve been a victim — and it’s not your fault. Here’s why: environment is stronger than willpower.

You’ve been surrounded by a toxic media storm that constantly exposes you to unhealthy foods. It’s never been so easy to get fast food, candy, and trans-fats…and man is it profitable for the food companies who take advantage of your basic human instinct to eat!

You only have so much willpower (we all do), and when you’re stressed from work and bad relationships, when you see fast food or junky candy, it’s only natural to want to just take it now.

Your Environment Is Overpowering You — But No More…

Before today, it’s been a struggle. But you’ve hit a boiling point. You’re taking charge of your life and you’re not going to fat and unattractive anymore. The question is how?

You Just Need To Know the Hidden Connection Between Fat Burning & Sexy 6 Pack Muscles!

Yup! There’s a hidden connection between the abs you want and the fat covering them up that you’ve never heard of and it’s called: metabolic inferno.

What is that? Well, first let me ask you…

How Can Michael Phelps Eat 10,000 (Yes, Ten Thousand) Calories A Day And Only Weigh 200 Pounds?

How is it possible to eat more than 10,000 calories and only weigh a measly 200 pounds?

He eats more 10,000 calories a day but weighs only 200 lbs --- and now you too can leverage the power of metabolic inferno to get abs of steel and shed fat on autopilot (as you’re probably not eating 1/3rd as much as Michael!)

He eats more than 10,000 calories a day but weighs only 200 lbs --- and now you too can leverage the power of metabolic inferno to get abs of steel and shed fat on autopilot (as you’re probably not eating 1/3rd as much as Michael!)

“He eats more than 10,000 calories a day but weighs only 200 lbs — and now you too can leverage the power of metabolic inferno to get abs of steel and shed fat on autopilot (as you’re probably not eating 1/3rd as much as Michael!)”

If you were to eat 10,000 calories a day, the “normal” weight  (of someone who didn’t harness their hidden metabolic inferno) would be close to 1,000 pounds!

In fact, if you weigh about 250 pounds, you’re probably eating close to 2,500 calories a day! Yet Michael Phelps is eating 5x what you eat and weighs 50 pounds less (or a lot more if you’re heavier on the scale than just 250!).


The Power of the Metabolic Inferno Is That It Burns Fat on Autopilot (Yes, Even While You Sleep)

So what is this metabolic inferno and how can you harness this hidden secret weapon to finally achieve the 6 pack abs of steel you crave? It’s muscle!

Yup! The very fact that you are going to build muscle to get 6 pack abs is how you’re also going to burn fat on easy autopilot! Here’s why…

1 Pound of Muscle Burns Up To 50 Calories Every 24 Hours!

The secret to getting your 6 pack abs is 2 part: burning fat and building muscle. In fact, if you’re over 10% body fat (and most people are) no amount of exercise will show your abs!

So the key is building muscle that also burns fat for you. That’s why Michael Phelps eats 10,000 calories and weighs only 200 pounds. In fact…

Here’s Proof the Metabolic Inferno Burns Calories on Autopilot!

The body needs 10 calories to maintain 1lb of weight (without harnessing metabolic fire). So if you weigh 250 pounds (and aren’t gaining or losing weight), you are eating around 2,500 calories.

But, if you increase your muscle mass (getting yourself a killer looking 6 pack that drives girls wild), you’re body will burn more calories! Take a look at Michael Phelps

  • He weighs 200 pounds, BUT…
  • His muscle weight is practically 200 pounds…
  • He eats 10,000 calories a day
  • So each pound of muscle burns 50 calories a day
  • 50 calories burned/day x 200 pounds of muscle = 10,000 calories burned a day!

That is the power of metabolic inferno to an extreme (and thankfully, you don’t have to work even 1/100th as hard as Michael, you just need to use these little known secrets to igniting your metabolic fire and burning your calories on autopilot).

So here’s the Good News: You Can Unleash Your Fat Burning, 6 Pack Abs Revealing, Metabolic Inferno Right Now

You are probably only eating between 2000-3000 calories a day (assuming you weigh around the 200-300 pound mark). That’s barely 1/5th of what Phelps is eating…

So what’s going to happen when you unlock your internal metabolic inferno? You’re going to melt your fat (on autopilot and keep it off) and you’re going to unleash your 6 pack abs!

Fat burning and 6 pack abs development will work together now that you will harness your metabolic inferno! At last…

It’s No Longer about How Many Calories You Eat, Or How Super-Restrictively You Watch Your Carb, Protein, or Fat Intake…

Finally, you can stop watching everything you eat like a hawk. Obviously knowing what to eat is important, but you aren’t going to be looking at the caloric count as the key factor anymore.

You are no longer going to be a pawn of the “diet fad” or any other toxic media jargon. You know the ones I’m talking about:

  • Atkins
  • Weight Watchers
  • The Zone
  • Sugar Buster
  • Dr. Phil
  • South Beat Diet
  • And so on…

There’s Nothing Wrong With Diets…In fact there’s even a ‘Diet’ Component To Your Metabolic Inferno But You won’t Have To Watch Every Little Thing You Eat, Using A Calculator, Ignoring Your Taste Buds, And Trying To Suppress Urges Every Day…

Diet’s work to lose weight because they reduce your calories — that’s great. But that won’t put abdominal muscles on your chest and it won’t work long term.

How many times have you (or anyone you know) tried and failed at diets? That’s because it takes too much willpower and it doesn’t really matter how much you eat — it matters how much you burn!

You want fuel for your metabolic inferno, and if you like to eat a lot, that’s ok! You just need a metabolic inferno that will burn up those extra calories on autopilot!


You Start By Building 6 Pack Abs and Then Begin Melting Your Fat By Fueling Your Metabolic Inferno

It’s really simple, with my custom “6 Pack Abs Guide”, you’ll learn:

  • How to unleash your metabolic inferno so that it burns fat on autopilot
  • What not to do — that the 99% of people who are trying and failing to lose weight and get abs are doing
  • How to set and reach your weight goals (so you won’t burn out, you’ll only burn fat!)
  • How fat is actually good for you, and there are mechanisms in your body designed to burn it automatically
  • The secrets to building a lean mean 6 pack set
  • How to build the most effective, calorie incinerating, muscle so that each pound of muscle burns 50 calories a day
  • How to fuel your metabolic inferno once you’ve unlocked it
  • Take control of your hormones, and steal hunger back from your stomach — you’ll no longer be a victim of your stomach because you won’t be starving and you’ll be eating the right foods
  • The little know facts about food so you can finally eat what you want without counting calories
  • How to stop being trapped by the “gimmick” ads and supplements — 95% of the stuff out there is utter garbage, but 5% are really great, and you’ll finally be able to use what works and ignore what doesn’t (and no longer lose any money on that junk)
  • The 6 pack abdominals workout routine that lets you maximize muscle and look and focuses directly on things that build stomach muscle
  • How to get your sexy 6 pack from home without using equipment, and (if you prefer)…
  • How to use the gym and equipment effectively so you don’t need to spend $500 per month on a personal trainer
  • *BONUS SECTION* I’ve included a full body section so you can tone the rest of your body along with your abs if you feel like doing that as you get your 6 pack

AbsForMenPaperbackSo Who Needs This 6 Pack Guide?

Well, this guide is for guys, 18-36, who want to get in shape, impress their girl (or pick one up), and be really fit for sports.

If you’re someone who is just looking for a “diet” or some magic pill that instantly transforms you — then this isn’t for you.

This is for guys who want to see results within 30, 60, and 90 days and are willing to follow instructions. You’re not going to have to think very much with this, you really just need to do as you are told. If you follow directions you absolutely will get the 6 pack you are looking for.

How Is This Guide Different than Everything Else Out There that’s Failed You?

Well, the key to this guide is the autopilot fat burning mechanism inside you. Remember Michael Phelps? He’s burning close to 10,000 calories a day because his metabolic inferno is just melting his fat. It’s going to be the same for you.

The strategy here is not so much about how carefully you watch you protein, caloric, or fat intake. But rather how to tap into the natural fat burning mechanisms within muscle. It’s a perfect combination.

The fact that you will be building a massive 6 pack of lean muscle works to double the effect of the fat burning.

Have My Personal Email So You Can Contact Me!

Yup, I’m even going to give you my personal email and let you contact me during your 60 day workout. So here it is:

I’ll be there to inspire you or help you with any questions to absolutely make sure you complete your 60 day journey and unleash your sexy 6 pack!

Don’t pinch yourself. You aren’t dreaming. You’ve just come across a lucky opportunity where I need success stories more than money right now.

As such you can get this whole guide, and further still email support from me (and I charge $500 per hour to my personal clients), absolutely free!


I want you to try it before you ‘buy it’ so I want to give you a FREE starter edition of this guide (worth $17.00) just for hearing from you. All you need to do is fill out a short survey, answer the questions (and do it honestly as I will be reviewing it personally). Now this isn’t the FULL edition but it’s the starter edition, but I figure if you can use the starter edition, get some results and see that it works, then you’ll be ready for the full version (so really you only need the full guide when you’ve made progress and seen results from the starter guide).

Instant Download (even if it’s 3 am). Take the short survey and download the $17.00 starter guide ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Abs For Men Paperback

Yes! Anthony, I want to get in shape for FREE!

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Here’s to your 6 pack abs success (and me reading about your success story)

Anthony Mack

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Here’s to your 6 pack abs success (and me reading about your success story)

Anthony Mack

Get Your 6 Pack

Yes! Anthony, I want to get in shape for FREE!

All I have to do is complete a survey and I can have your guide FREE!

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